We recently participated in collecting and assembling Jared Boxes from the Jared Box Project.  Rhonda told us the following story about her cousin’s nephew:


My first cousin's nephew (age 2) died suddenly the week before Christmas, 2018.  His name was Kesson Haynes. This was such a tragedy for the family.  He was adopted from a mother that used drugs during her pregnancy and was born addicted to drugs.  He survived the detox and went home a few days after his birth.  His little heart stopped beating during a Christmas get together the week before Christmas and they were unable to revive him. He had no past history except for the addiction he was born with. In honor of my cousin's birthday (Traci George), she has asked for donations to the Jared Box Project in memory of Kesson Haynes


What is a Jared Box?


This is from their website: “A Jared Box is a plastic storage box filled with small gifts, toys, games, and fun activities. Each box contains items selected for a specific age and gender. Jared Boxes provide a special diversion for young patients in emergency rooms, patient rooms, surgical centers, and clinics as they receive chemotherapy and other medical treatments. Jared Boxes bring smiles and laughter and lift the spirits of children in the hospital.”


After she presented it to the church family, the boxes starting coming in. All 29 of them. We went out and started buying all the goodies that would fit into a shoebox.  Several of the church family participated in the collection of the boxes. Not all of them are pictured.


Recently we dropped the boxes off at the Carilion Children’s Clinic in Roanoke.  They were very grateful for all of the boxes. 


We look forward to doing something like this again in the future!

Jared Box